About us

In this section you will find out more information about what the Care Council does, and how we're governed and managed and our achievements over the past fifteen years.

Set up under the Care Standards Act 2000 as the first organisation to regulate the social care profession, we aim to ensure the social care workforce in Wales is safe to practice; has the right skills and qualifications to work to a high professional standard and is attracting the right amount of people into its ranks to deliver quality care now and in the future.

We don't work alone, as the success of what we do depends on partnerships and contributions from people who have real experience of social care. That's why members of the Care Council, who govern the work of the organisation, represent many voices. Among others, they represent the views of the general public, people who use services, carers, workers, trade unions and employers. This ensures that all those groups are given a voice in setting standards and improving social care in Wales.

Care Council for Wales - A Decade of Achievement

Below is a short film released in 2011 focusing on a decade of Care Council achievements.