Adult care home manager

Profiles of the registered workforce

Each year the Care Council publishes a statistical profile of each of the registration roles with mandatory registration in Wales.

Profiles of the registered workforce

The Social Care Manager Practice Guidance

The Social Care ManagerThe ‘must have’ practice guidance for all registered social care managers has now been launched.

It sets out exactly what’s expected of managers and is the cornerstone of good practice in Wales.

It will form the basis for more detailed practice guidance in the future.

Practice guidance for managers

Online services for registrants

Adult Social Care ManagerThe Care Council has launched online services for those currently registered, those applying for registration and social care employers. The services are available by choosing the MyCareCouncil option on this website. In trials, users have said the new system is ‘extremely useful and very accessible’, ‘easy-to-use and very secure’.

Read more about the online services

MyCareCouncil for Managers

Journey of professionalisation

In its policy paper, Sustainable Social Services for Wales: A Framework for Action, the Welsh Government said: “We see the quality of professionals and their professionalism as central to responsive and sustainable social services... We have begun the journey of professionalisation .. we wish to extend and deepen this approach ...and we will take all care service mangers into this system.”

Sustainable Social Services for Wales: A Framework for Action

Supervising and Appraising Well

The Supervising and Appraising Well booklet has been produced to provide practical guidance, clarity, ideas and examples for everyone responsible for carrying out supervision and appraisal with social care workers.

Supervising and Appraising Well

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