Careers in social care, early years and social work

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Social care

A career in social care could be for you if you value other people, are interested in making sure that they are able to live independently and with dignity, and if you wish to develop yourself through work based training and qualifications.

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Early years and childcare

A career in early years and childcare could be for you if you are interested in helping children from birth to school age reach their full potential by encouraging their development. A range of training options are available, including apprenticeships and college or work based qualifications.

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Social work

A career in social work could be a great choice for you if you are a clear thinking, determined, and mature person who is easy to trust, good at assessing situations, can stay calm in a crisis and able to complete the required training; a degree or Masters degree in Social Work.

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Our resources page lists all of our career materials and contains a wealth of information in a range of formats, including booklets and videos.

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