Code of Practice for Workers

Code of PracticeThe Code for Workers sets down the standards of conduct expected of social care workers. It will ensure that workers know what is expected of them and that the public know what standards of conduct they can expect from care workers. In the case of people who are registered breaking the codes may lead to investigation and action by the Care Council.

All social care workers are expected to meet the code and any serious failure to do so will be dealt with by employers. The Care Council will operate in a manner that recognises the rights and responsibilities of employers and avoids duplication of processes or procedures. It will normally only deal with cases when employers have concluded complaints and disciplinary procedures and removal from the Register, or the setting of additional conditions on registration, need to be considered.

All versions of the Code of Practice and related materials are available here on our website. Please use the online versions where possible to reduce printing and postage costs.

Code of Practice App

A new bilingual app provides a simplified version of the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers, which sets the standards expected of paid staff in their daily work.

The app also includes examples to illustrate what each of the standards means in everyday work situations.

Information and guidance on how to download the app

Ordering materials

If you would like to order the printed Code of Practice or other materials, please complete the Code of Practice and Confidence in Care materials order form and return it to us by e-mail.You can contact us if you require the Code in another language.

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