code of professional practice for social care

Do you know there’s a Code of Professional Practice for social care workers in Wales? 

The Code tells all social care professionals what they must do and how to behave so that they all work to the same high standards.

If you’re receiving care or support from a social care worker, the Code will also help you understand how they should behave towards you - and how their employers should help them provide the best of care.

> Our Code is not a secret - information for people receiving care or support

> The Code - information for children and young people

If you are a social care worker or employer, the Code empowers you to put the well-being of individuals at the centre of decisions about their care and support and gives practical guidance on how to meet the objectives of the Welsh Government’s Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act.
It is relevant to the whole social care workforce, whether registered with the Care Council, or not.

> Code of Professional Practice for Social Care (full PDF version)

> Code of Professional Practice for Social Care (easy read PDF version)

> Code of Professional Practice resources page - includes audio versions and links to the app

The Caring with Pride campaign - get to know the Code

To help make sure all social care workers in Wales have the skills and knowledge to work to the Code, the Care Council is running a campaign to help you to Care with Pride.

The Caring with Pride training challenges you to show how well you know the Code by completing a short on-line test. Workers who pass the test will get a Caring with Pride certificate.

The training materials, test and resources for employers can be found on our Learning Zone

Watch the Caring with Pride story on Storify:

Our Code is not a secret

If you are receiving support, we want to make sure that you, your family and carers know what to expect from social care workers.

> We want you to know our Code is not a secret

Information and resources to help you learn more about the new Code

> Code of Professional Practice resources 

> FAQs about the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care

> Caring with Pride on our Learning Zone - workbook and knowledge test

> Our Code is not a secret - leaflet for people using care or support 

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