Conduct and Practice of Registered Workers

The Care Council’s conduct procedures apply to referrals received before 1 April 2014. If you are unsure when a referral was made, please contact:

Investigations Team on 02920 780648 or

Hearings Team on 02920 780643 or

The main purpose of the Care Council’s conduct process is to make sure those on the Register (registrants) are safe and accountable.

Taking action when a registered worker (registrant) does not meet the standards set in the Code of Practice for Social Care Workers will mean better services for those using social care and improve the general public’s confidence in social care services.

What happens if a complaint is made to the Care Council for Wales?

If we receive a complaint that a registered social care worker may not have met the standards set in the Code of Practice the Care Council may investigate the matter according to the Care Council for Wales Conduct Rules 2011 and may refer to an Investigating Committee and the Conduct Committee.

For more information regarding the complaints procedure please go to the ‘How to complain about a worker’.

What rules and regulation govern the conduct processes?

Registration Rules and Conduct Rules

The Care Council works to a set of rules for registration, and rules for conduct.

  • The Registration Rules set out the registration procedure, and the constitution and responsibilities of the Registration Committee

  • The Conduct Rules outline the constitution, responsibilities and procedures of the Investigating Committee, the Conduct Committee and Health Committee, and the Restoration Committee.

The Rules are drafted by the Care Council and the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services of the Welsh Government approves them.

> Registration Rules 2014

> Conduct Rules 2011