Getting involved

The Care Council is committed to making sure that people who use social care services and carers influence the work that we do. Below are recent examples of ways in which members of the public have taken part in our work.

Consultations and discussion groups

Consultations are published on our website and can be found under the events and consultations link on the left. Recent examples of consultations where service users and carers have been able to take part include:

  • Continuing Professional Education and Learning (CPEL): A Framework for Social Workers in Wales

  • Care Council's Strategic Equality Objectives 2012-2016

Creative opportunities

We strive to provide different ways of participating. Some previous examples include:

  • Creating short films on the experience of children and young people in residential care homes

  • Developing digital stories for dementia care and end of life care

Project and steering groups

Service users and carers are often involved in steering groups, to plan and oversee many of the Care Council’s projects, for example:

  • The development of qualifications for social care workers in the field of sensory loss, physical disability and learning disability.

  • Care at Home Study commissioned between 2008 and 2010 to scope the skills, roles and workforce for the care at home sector.

Council members

Six service users and carers are members of the Care Council. Members are appointed by the Welsh Government and are responsible for governing the Care Council. This involves providing leadership, setting policy and ensuring it meets its objectives. They also check that the Care Council is using public funds effectively and achieve value for money.

Service users and carers interested in the public appointment process can find out more on the Welsh Government website.

Service users and carers using the Register and conduct services

Service users and carers can find out if individual workers are on the Register.

The Care Council also deals with practice and conduct issues, when there are serious concerns about a registered social care worker.

If you have any queries about getting involved in our work, you can contact