How we work

Our values are important to us and we try to be:

  • People focused – keeping your needs at the centre of our work; valuing you and the contributions you make.

  • Open and act with integrity – demonstrating transparent and fair decision making processes.

  • Excellent in everything – providing clear leadership and direction; focusing on outcomes and solutions; continuously improving.

  • Equal and diverse - recognising equal worth and equality of opportunity and accessibility.

  • Valuing partnerships – working in partnership with others; demonstrating effective team working and leadership

This applies to the behaviours and standards of our staff, Board Members and contractors who work on our behalf.

As an organisation we're commitment to:

  • being a truly bilingual organisation

  • valuing diversity and improving opportunity for all

  • involving the people of Wales in how we work

  • listening to your feedback

  • setting high standards of customer service

  • publishing and accessing information

  • improving our own performance.

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If you have questions about how we work please contact us.

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