I use social care

I use social careWelcome to our pages for people who use social care services. Our role, as the social care workforce regulator, is to promote and secure high standards across the social services and social care workforce to ensure they deliver the best possible services.

Our aim is to raise standards throughout social care services and ensure the right types of people are working and recruited to work in services. To do this, we're looking at what the needs are for the future, and in particular what type of workforce is needed to meet the demands of an ageing population in Wales.

From the dropdown menu on the left, you will find a range of links to information which may be of interest to you, such as our Code of Professional Practice for Social Care resources. The Code sets out the standards of behaviour you can expect from your social worker or social care worker and is vitally important to anyone who uses social care services, their carers, or anyone who knows someone receiving care.

> Code of Professional Practice for Social Care 

Some workers must register with the Care Council to work in social care. There is information about how to check if a worker you know is registered and also how to complain if you have concerns about a worker.

You can also find out how to get involved in our work either through consultations, events or by giving feedback about what we do. Our Service User and Carer Participation Strategy Strategy sets out how we aim to involve people who use services and their carers in our work.

> Service User and Carer Participation Strategy