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The Care Council is committed to making sure that people who use social care services and carers influence the work that we do.

The Care Council is recognised as a groundbreaking development amongst professional regulatory bodies, which are usually run by the professions themselves. We are very different and were set up with service users, carers and the general public making up the majority of our Council membership.

Our Service User and Carer Participation Strategy highlights our vision and framework. We have always involved service users and carers in several aspects of our work including through:

  • Consultations and discussion group. Consultations will be published on our website and can be found under the events and consultations link on the left.

  • Creative opportunities

  • Service users and carers involved in project and steering groups

  • Service users and carers involved as Council members. You can find out more about involvement as a Council member in the Council section

  • Service users and carers using the Register and conduct services.

Direct Payment Employers and their Personal Assistants

Research is currently being undertaken in Wales to consider what contributes to a successful and effective working relationship between disabled employers and their personal assistants.

If you receive Direct Payments and employ your own workers or are a family Carer employing staff on behalf of an individual, you can contribute to this research. We hope you will take the time to learn more about this work and to tell us about your experiences by completingĀ a survey.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries regarding participation or if you would like to get involved in our work you can contact participation@ccwales.org.uk