I'm a child or young person

I'm a young personWelcome to our web pages for children and young people where we hope you will find information that’s useful to you.

Lots of children and young people have contact with social care workers, such as disabled children or young people, those with parents who have mental health problems or drugs or alcohol problems. Other families may need help to keep children and young people safe or to provide good care.

We work to make sure that social care workers can be trusted to show you respect, listen to you, keep you safe and do the best job they can. Social workers and those who work in residential child care have to register with the Care Council. They also have to sign-up to a Code of Professional Practice, or a set of rules, which they have to follow when they work with you.

Further information

You can find more information in the dropdown menu on the left, including how to check if your worker is registered or how to make a complaint if your worker is not behaving in the way the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care says they should.