Knowledge exchange day for residential child care practitioners and foster carers

This unique event brought together foster carers and residential Child Care Practitioners to share knowledge and experience. It was planned and delivered as a result of a partnership between Care Council Wales, CASCADE and the Looked After Children Network.

The day's aim was to:

  • share learning and knowledge in order to improve outcomes for Looked After Children & Care Leavers

  • recognise the unique roles of Foster Carers and Residential Child Care Practitioners in contributing to meeting the needs of those children and young people

  • provide an opportunity to explore the potential for developing a framework common to both Foster Carers and Residential Child Care Practitioners

  • celebrate the commitment and contribution made by Foster Carers and Residential Child Care Practitioners to the lives of looked after children and young people

Minister's speech

> Mark Drakeford speech 

Presentations from the day 

> Children’s Commissioner for Wales - Sally Holland

> Social Pedagogy - Gabriel Eichsteller and David Kingswood

> Placement stability - Voices from Care

> Enhanced Foster Care Model - Paul Riley and Dr. Christina S. Plafky

> The complexities of CSE: vulnerabilities, risks and responses - Dr. Sophie Hallett

Workshop presentations

> Promoting high standards of care for looked after children - Care Council for Wales

> Improving the education of looked after children - Woodlands and Cascade

Report from the day

> Report of the day by Manon Edwards Ahir and Ashok Ahir - Mela