Lead and additional signatories

Each social care organisation and higher education institution (HEI) providing the social work degree course in Wales is required to nominate appropriate people to act as signatories to endorse applications and to help maintain an up-to-date Register. There are two types of signatories, lead signatories and additional signatories.

This page provides the following information:

The role of a signatory

The Verifying and Endorsing Applications Guidance provides full information about the role of the signatory in the registration process. Information about how to make a referral to the Care Council is explained on the fitness to practice webpage for employers.

The approved signatory role includes:

  • verifying identity documents of applicants

  • endorsing applications to register and renew registration

  • exchanging information with the Care Council for Wales regarding the registration of your employees.

If your organisation is newly involved in the registration process, you can nominate an appropriate senior individual, or individuals to the role of Care Council approved lead signatory. The signatory should be a senior representative of a social care employer who is in a role above the individual being endorsed and with access to their HR records. Additional signatories can also be nominated as appropriate for your organisation.

How to become a signatory

Signatory forms must be requested from the Care Council. Please email registration@ccwales.org.uk and a signatory form will be sent to you or the appropriate individual in your organisation. Alternatively this form can be requested within MyCareCouncil

Each new signatory needs to complete a lead or additional signatory form in order to provide the Care Council with contact details and their signature.

Lead signatories should complete sections A and B of the form. Additional signatories should complete sections A and C, they must ask the lead signatory of their organisation to countersign the form at the bottom of section C.

Approved signatories and MyCareCouncil

By creating a MyCareCouncil account approved signatories have online access to:

  • a list of the applicants and registrants for their organisation.

  • see a list of individuals who were removed from the Register within the last 12 months where you are the last employer known to the Care Council

  • electronically endorse application or renewal forms

  • send us documents

  • contact us directly

  • request new signatories.

Once an individual becomes a signatory they will receive an email with information on how to create a MyCareCouncil account.

Endorsing applications and renewals

Both lead and additional signatories can endorse and verify application and renewal forms. As a signatory it is your duty to ensure that all information on the application form, as far as reasonably possible, is accurate – particularly the disciplinary and/or criminal declarations and the date of their most recent CRB/DBS check and that you know of no reason why the applicant should not be registered.

All new applications to register must be endorsed by the applicant’s employer.

Endorsement of a renewal application is required for all social care managers and workers. Qualified social workers renewing their registration will not need to have their renewal form endorsed.

Application and renewal forms can be endorsed via your MyCareCouncil account. When an individual selects you to provide their endorsement you will be sent an e-mail request. Please will you respond to this request within seven days to enable us to process applications and renewals as promptly as possible. You will be able to view the form through MyCareCouncil.

Once you have checked the form you can complete and submit your endorsement or notify the Care Council of any reason why you cannot provide endorsement.

Access to enhanced information

Lead signatories are the main contacts between the organisation and the registration team regarding registration issues.

Lead signatory can have access to enhanced information regarding a registrant. The information disclosed would be relating to a condition, an admonishment or a period of interim suspension attached to a registrant’s registration.

How to be certain that someone is registered

Do not take someone’s word that they are registered. You can quickly confirm if an individual is registered by searching the Register

If you cannot find the person’s details, it will mean that they are not registered. The Register will also provide information about any admonishment attached to the registrant.

All current registrants can access confirmation of their Registration status in their MyCareCouncil account by logging in and selecting ‘My Proof of Registration’. This includes additional information including registration and renewal date, any conditions placed on their registration and the role in which they are registered.

All registrants have a registration number, which stays with them throughout their social care career. However, do not assume that when you see a registration number that the individual is currently registered. They may still be in the application stage, or have been removed, or not yet reapplied after a period away from the Register. To be certain of their status please check the Register or ask to see an individual’s proof of Registration as stated above – if they are not listed, they are not currently registered.

Contact us

The registration helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, telephone 02920 780646 or e-mail us at registration@ccwales.org.uk