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Advocacy for Non-professional Advocates

Introduction and Background

These learning materials, developed by Tros Gynnal Plant, are designed to assist those who are not independent professional advocates, but who do advocate (e.g. non-advocacy professionals, friends, family, carers) fully understand the role of an advocate and how this is reflected in their own actions.

These materials will support the implementation of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act by helping citizens achieve well-being. They will contribute to giving people a stronger voice and greater control over their lives, and will allow those who need care and support and their carers to make an active contribution to their own well-being by creating skilled and confident advocates to stand alongside them.

Module 2 – Am I an Advocate?

This module is designed to help people identify when and how they themselves may act as advocates. It also looks at why they may be unable to advocate effectively in some situations and what alternative options are available to ensure that they receive ongoing support if they are unable to advocate effectively. 

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