Facts and figures of the registered workforce

Number of current registrants

On the Register of Social Care Workers in Wales there are:

  • 6,070 people on the social work part of the Register

  • 189 Residential Child Care Managers

  • 1,224 Adult Care Home Managers

  • 631 Domiciliary Care Managers

  • 2,408 Residential Child Care Workers

  • 110 Adult Care Home Workers

  • 117 Domiciliary Care Workers

  • 738 Social Work Students

Figures last updated on 02/03/2017

Annual profiles by registered role

Our aim is that we do not only hold data on the Register but rather that we, as an organisation, scrutinise the data so that we have a better understanding of the sector’s workforce, which should inform the sector’s continuous improvement.

Each year we make publically available, a statistical profile of each of the registration roles with mandatory registration in Wales.

Each profile provides a national overview and will be an important source document for employers, commissioners of services, the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) and also education and learning providers.