PRTL for registered managers and workers - questions and answers

What is PRTL?

All registered social care managers and workers are required to complete 15 days or 90 hours of training and learning within each three-year registration period. Six hours of training counts as a day.

You must keep a record of your training and learning.

This can include study, training, courses, work-based learning, seminars, reading, teaching or other activities which could reasonably be expected to advance the social care worker’s professional development, or contribute to the development of the profession as a whole.

It is recommended that you read the detailed guidance and case studies.

> How to meet the Post-Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) requirements for Registered Social Workers and Social Care Workers

When do I need to show my PRTL record to the Care Council?

Your PRTL record of achievement is part of your application to renew registration towards the end of each three-year period of registration.

When your registration is coming up for renewal, we will send you a reminder to apply to renew and to complete your PRTL record. You will be given 84 days’ notice that your registration period is due for renewal.

You should maintain a portfolio of evidence to support your PRTL record. You may need to send this to the Care Council at renewal.

How can I record my PRTL?

You can maintain a record of your training and learning online in MyCareCouncil on the Care Council web site. To do this you need to create a MyCareCouncil account. Then log into your account and go to ‘My Registration’ then select ‘PRTL’ from the left hand menu.

The paper PRTL form is available on request from the Registration Helpline.

The PDF form – an electronic, writable PDF version of the form is also available on request from the Registration Helpline.

What can I include?

Your PRTL record can include any training and learning you’ve completed during this three-year registration period, since the date this current registration period started. Any training and learning before that date will not be counted.

Your record must include the date and duration as well as a brief description of each item of training and learning you list.

Your record must include a brief description of how the learning has contributed to your professional development and informed your practice.

If you have been working towards a qualification, please provide details, including the number of hours you studied within this registration period only.

Detailed guidance and case studies are in How to Meet the Post-Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) Requirements for Registered Social Workers and Social Care Workers.

Does my PRTL need to be verified?

Your MyCareCouncil PRTL record will be visible to your endorser at the time they review your application to renew in MyCareCouncil.

Or, your verified paper PRTL record can be scanned and uploaded to your MyCareCouncil account.

Or, you can post a verified paper copy of your PRTL record to the Care Council freepost address. 

What if I am self-employed or do not have a line manager?

As an alternative to submitting a verified PRTL record, you can submit a non-returnable summary portfolio of evidence to support the list of training and learning on your record of achievement. This should include evidence to support each item of training and learning you have completed.

Acceptable evidence includes a copy of:

  • module, qualification or award certificate

  • training or course attendance certificate

  • a research subject with a reading or reference list

  • evidence of a course you have taught

  • evidence of training/presentation materials you have produced

  • summary of a developmental work experience

  • summary of work undertaken that has resulted in the development of your social work / social care work / management knowledge and skills

  • a summary of a learning experience and how you have applied it in your practice

  • evidence of attendance at social care forum(s)

  • summary of learning from attending a conference.

This portfolio should be as concise as possible and submitted to the Care Council with your renewal form. Only include copies of documents as this portfolio is non-returnable.

Part-time workers

The Care Council recognises that a variety of working contracts can apply to registrants. However, all registrants make a commitment to meet the same requirement to maintain their professional training and learning, and record a minimum of 90 hours in each registration period.


The range of acceptable activities and examples of learning scenarios are described in How to Meet the Post-Registration Training and Learning (PRTL) Requirements for Registered Social Workers and Social Care Workers, available on this page and on request from the Registration Helpline.

What if I am due for renewal but not currently in employment?

To meet the requirement you could consider:

  • what preparation you have made to undertake social care work or to apply for employment

  • using online facilities to read or research

  • if you have participated in activities while out of employment which have contributed to your understanding of the profession or the experience of service users

  • identifying a return to work study programme

  • ensuring you are up-to-date with legislation and policies relating to the sector.

What happens if I cannot maintain the PRTL required for registration?

You can request removal from the Register.

An incomplete PRTL record is considered an incomplete application to renew and unless you have exceptional circumstances (see question 7) you will not be granted renewal of registration.

Once removed you will not be able to work in any role where registration is compulsory.

You can reapply to the Register in future if you return to a social care role.

A registrant cannot be removed from the Register until any outstanding conduct issue has been resolved.

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