Qualifications relevant to residential child care managers

From this page you will find information about qualifications relevant to you as a Residential Child Care Manager

On the left are links to:

  • Qualification Framework which sets out the qualifications relevant for, and used by people working in social care services.

  • Credit and Qualification Framework for Wales information about work that has been exploring the accreditation of quality assured lifelong learning in social care, early years and childcare which will form part of the Credit and Qualification Framework for Wales.

  • Basic Skills which is a range of guidance materials and resources produced by the Care Council in partnership with Basic Skills Cymru and the TUC to support the development of good basic skills for employees across the sector.

  • Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification – a qualification for students in Wales combining personal development skills with existing qualifications like A-levels, NVQs and GCSEs to make one wider award that is valued by employers and universities.