The Care Council maintains the Register of Social Care Workers, by clicking on the index below you can find out about registration requirements including who needs to be registered.

Closure of the voluntary Register

There is no provision for voluntary registration in the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016. This means that from the 3rd of April all domiciliary care workers and adult residential care home workers will be removed from the Register.

If you have any questions about what this means for domiciliary care workers and adult residential care home workers further information can be found here

> Frequently Asked Questions about the voluntary register and the changes that apply to domiciliary care workers and adult care home workers

What is registration?

The Register of Social Care Workers was established under the Care Standards Act 2000.

The aim of the Register is to make sure that all social workers and social care workers are suitable for work in social care.

The Register puts social care workers on a similar footing to other public service professions such as medicine and teaching.

Digital registration

The MyCareCouncil (MCC) online portal has been available for over 3 years and we now receive 100 per cent of applications and 97 per cent of renewals online.

Due to its success we are now confident that the majority of our registrants and employers are happy to communicate digitally with us via email and MCC itself.

What does this mean for registrants and employers?

  • We now have a mobile friendly version of MCC. This means that you can access all functions on a smart phone, PC or tablet

  • We will primarily be communicating with you via email. This is the quickest and most environmentally friendly method of communication

  • We will no longer be issuing certificates, however you can provide evidence of you current professional Registration on a smart phone, PC or tablet

  • There is a Registration Resources area on the main menu within MCC. This will contain all appropriate guidance as well as other useful documents to support registrants in their role

We will continue to send you one letter a year to your home address but it is vital that you keep your contact and employment details up-to-date – especially your e-mail address. It is the only way you can be sure not to lose your registration if you have moved home and changed your job.

You should provide a personal e-mail address that you check regularly.

For more information around the digital registration process please see the below question and answer guides:

> Registration is going digital - What it means for you as a registrant

> Registration is going digital - What it means for you as an employer of a registered worker

How can I make an application to register?

Everybody who applies to register with the Care Council must agree to abide by the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care.

> Code of Professional Practice for Social Care

To apply you need to complete an application form online through MyCareCouncil. Alternative formats are available on request. Each complete application form must be endorsed by the applicant’s employer or equivalent.

The completed form, supporting documents and application fee are all required in order for the Care Council to process an application.

For further details on how to apply to register select your role:

> Social work student

> Newly qualified social worker

> UK qualified social worker

> A social worker qualified outside the UK

> Social care Managers

> Social care worker

Details about registration are also available to:

> Employer, commissioner or inspector

> Learning provider

The Registration Rules

The Care Council for Wales (Registration) Rules are formally approved by the Welsh Government and form the legal basis for registration of the social care workforce.

> Care Council for Wales (Registration) Rules 2015b

Who must register to practise?

The following groups of workers must register to practise:

  • People who hold a social work qualification and practise social work or call themselves a social worker (Protection of Title introduced 1 April 2005)

  • Students participating on an approved social work degree course in Wales

  • Residential Child Care Managers and Workers

  • Adult Care Home Managers

  • Mandatory registration was introduced for Domiciliary Care Managers on 28 February 2013

The Register is also open to:

  • Adult Care Home and Domiciliary Care Workers

Registrants must be suitable for work in social care

Everyone on the Register will have shown that they are suitable for work in social care by satisfying us that they:

  • have the necessary qualifications

  • are physically and mentally fit

  • are of good character

  • agree to comply with our Code of Professional Practice for Social Care Workers

We will register a person who can satisfy us that they are suitable for work in social care and we will refuse to register anyone who is not suitable.

We can also impose conditions on registration if we think it is necessary. These conditions might include training, work experience, or restrictions due to health. We will investigate cases if there is ever any evidence that calls into question someone’s suitability for work in social care.

The Register

The Register is available for members of the public and employers to check. 

The Register shows the following information about each registrant:

  • name

  • registration number

  • county of employment or place of study

  • any admonishment imposed by the Council's Conduct and Health and Fitness to Practise Committees.

> Search the Register

Facts and figures of the registered workforce

Contact us

The registration helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, telephone 02920 780646 or e-mail us at