Renew your registration onto part 1 of the Register

On these pages you will find information about:

  • who needs to apply to renew registration with the Care Council for Wales (Care Council)

  • the steps to renew your registration

  • your PRTL record of achievement

  • how to complete the MyCareCouncil online renewal form

  • how to send documents to the Registration Team

  • how to pay your renewal fee

Please read the following information first about how to make a renewal application online. You will find the link to MyCareCouncil at the end.

Who needs to apply to renew

Part 1 of the Register is for social workers. This page sets out information about how social workers can renew their registration.

If you are a qualified social worker practising as a residential care manager or worker, adult care home manager or domiciliary care manager, you should be registered on Part 2 of the Register. To change your part of the Register, please notify the Registration Team.

Every worker registered with the Care Council is required to renew their registration before their period of registration expires.

You should renew your registration every three years at least six weeks before your registration is due to expire. Using MyCareCouncil is the quickest and easiest method.

If you need a renewal form in another format, please contact the Registration Helpline on 02920 780646.

If you do not need to renew your registration

Please request voluntary removal: go to your MyCareCouncil account and in ‘My registration or renewal’ select ‘Remove’.

If you do not apply to renew by your renewal date you will be removed from the Register and will not be able to practise in any role where registration is mandatory.

You cannot be removed from the Register while there is an on-going conduct investigation concerning you.

Steps to renew

Post-registration Training and Learning (PRTL)

Complete your PRTL record of achievement of at least 15 days or 90 hours training and learning in this registration period.

You can complete your MyCareCouncil PRTL record before making your renewal application. If you used the online PRTL record before, the data you entered before will still be visible. Or you should have a completed paper record ready to send to the Care Council. Your PRTL record should include the date and duration, as well as a brief description, of each bit of training and learning listed.

A random sample of registrants due to renew will be required to provide evidence that they have completed the PRTL they have listed on their record of achievement. If you are included in the sample you will be notified in your renewal reminder letter/e-mail 84 days before your renewal is due.

Further information

> Full information about PRTL guidance

Renewal reminder

  • You will be sent notification that your registration needs to be renewed 84 days before your renewal is due.

  • If you have not used MyCareCouncil before, you will also be sent an account activation link. Further instructions about activating your account are provided on the MyCareCouncil homepage.

  • At this time, a Renew button will appear in the My Registration section of your MyCareCouncil account.

Apply to renew

  • Go to MyCareCouncil, create an account

  • Complete and submit the MyCareCouncil renewal form at least six weeks before your renewal is due

  • Pay your fee if you do not yet pay by direct debit

  • Send us evidence you have met any condition on your registration

  • We will contact you if any information is missing

  • We will notify you when your renewal is complete

To complete the form you will need

  • If you have changed your name: evidence such as a copy of your marriage, civil partnership or deed poll certificate signed and dated by your verifier

  • The date of your most recent CRB/DBS disclosure

  • A credit/debit card to pay your fee, or bank account information to enable you to set up a Direct Debit (if you do not already have a Direct Debit instruction with the Care Council). 

The form is in your MyCareCouncil account

In ‘My Registration and renewal’ you will see a ‘Renew’ button on the right. When you click ‘Renew’ you will be able to see the details we hold for you and update them where they have changed or are incorrect. New information you provide here will become your current details in our records.

Some renewal questions are compulsory and you will not be able to progress through your renewal without answering them.

Criminal and disciplinary record

Information we already hold will not be displayed. However, you do not need to tell us about anything that you have already declared to the Care Council. You must inform us of any change to your criminal or disciplinary record, or your registration with other regulatory bodies, including the HCPC. If you declare a disciplinary investigation, action or finding against you, or a change to your criminal record, please provide the requested details as appropriate. If the Care Council requires further information we will contact you.

> Further Information about Criminal Offences

About your health

Information we already hold will not be displayed. You only need to notify the Care Council of a change in your physical or mental health condition since you last notified the Care Council that may affect your ability to undertake your work in social care.

If you declare a change in your health condition and if we require a health report, on receipt of your application we will send you a Health Report Consent Form.

> Further Information about Your Health

Is there a condition on your registration or renewal?

Your record will show under ‘Compliance’ if there is any condition or training requirement on your registration. To submit evidence that you have met any condition or training requirement, you can send us files or scanned documents electronically. To do this, go to My Profile then select Upload a Document to send scanned documents to the Registration Team through your MyCareCouncil account. Or your documents can be sent by post.

To submit your application to renew

When you have completed the MyCareCouncil renewal form, submit it directly to the Care Council. The next step invites you to ‘Download a cover letter’ (if required) and Pay your Fee.

How to send documents to the Registration Team

  • You can send us files or scanned documents electronically. Scan and send the verified copies of the documents required for your renewal to the Care Council through MyCareCouncil, ‘My Profile’ and select ‘Upload a Document’


  • Send documents by post to the Freepost address below, with a cover letter which includes your name and address. You can print a personalised cover letter in MyCareCouncil, ‘Download a cover letter’. This will help us to link your document to your application.

To pay your fee

The ‘Pay your Fee’ button will show you what fees you owe and whether you have a Direct Debit instruction with the Care Council. We prefer you to pay your fee by Direct Debit. If you have a Direct Debit set up your fee will be taken on the due date. If you have not set up a Direct Debit instruction, you can do this online or you can pay by credit or debit card.

Your renewal fee and all previous fees must have been paid before your registration can be renewed.

> Table of Registration Fees

Claiming back tax on your registration fees

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can claim tax relief on your registration fees.

This means that for registrants paying tax at the basic tax rate (20 per cent), the £30 annual renewal fee effectively costs £24 after £6 tax relief. Those on the higher tax rate are also eligible.

> Further information on tax relief for professional fees and subscriptions

Your registration data

The Care Council for Wales is registered with the Information Commissioner and data supplied by you will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our data retention and deletion policy. For further information see our Data Protection Statement

> Data Protection Statement

Enable pop-ups

To use the online application form in MyCareCouncil you will need to enable pop-ups. You need to enable pop-ups in order to use the functionality in the form such as progressing to the next page, postcode finder, sage pay.

You may see a message that pop-ups are blocked in which case you will need to enable pop-ups for MyCareCouncil. If no message appears automatically you can manage pop-up blockers in your internet browser ‘tools’ menu.

Renew registration using MyCareCouncil online services 

You can apply to renew your registration on Part 1 by using the online services by going to the MyCareCouncil login page.

Go to MyCareCouncil login

Registration helpline

Please contact us for help with applying to renew or if you require the renewal or PRTL forms in any other format:

Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
Telephone: 02920 780646

Freepost address (no stamp required)
Registration Team
Care Council for Wales
Freepost NATW1588
PO Box 52
CF10 1BR