The Code of Practice

The Code is a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct and practice required of social care workers in their work. The Code plays a key part in ensuring that social care workers, employers, individuals, carers and the public know what standards of conduct are expected of those working in social care in Wales.

The Code and the Register of Social Care Workers

The Care Council maintains the Register of Social Care Workers. The Register is a public record that those registered have met the requirements for entry onto the Register and have agreed to abide by the standards set out in the Code. The Welsh Government determines which groups of workers need to be registered with the Care Council. The current groups can be found on the main registration introduction page below.


The Code and Practice Guidance

Whilst the Code is the primary document setting out the principles around which allegations of impaired fitness to practise are framed, the Care Council may publish additional Practice Guidance. The Practice Guidance may be used to illustrate a breach of the Code. Registrants should ensure they are familiar with the Practice Guidance relevant to their role.

Practice Guidance for Social Care Managers

Practice Guidance for Social Workers

The Code and the wider Social Care Workforce

Whilst the Code has a specific meaning to registered social care workers, it is also relevant to other social care workers who are not required to be registered, as it sets clear standards of the conduct expected of social care workers in Wales.

What will the Code mean to you?

As a social care worker you will have criteria to guide your practice and be clear about what standards of conduct you are expected to meet. As a social care employer you will know what part you are expected to play in the regulation of the workforce and the support of high quality social care. You are encouraged to review your own standards of practice and policies in the light of the standards set in the Code. As an individual using services or member of the public the Code will help you understand how a social care worker should behave towards you and how employers should support social care workers to do their jobs well.