Who we are

We have a leading role in making sure the workforce delivering social services in Wales is working to a high standard. This includes developing a confident and competent workforce in social services and childcare. They can work effectively, make well-informed judgements, based on up to date evidence, in the best interests of the people they work with.

The success of what we do depends on partnerships and contributions from direct experience of social care. That’s why our Board members, who govern the work of the organisation, represent many voices. Among others they represent the views of the general public, people who use services, carers, workers, trade unions and employers. This ensures that all these groups are given a voice in setting standards and improving social care in Wales.

Our Executive Management Team are responsible for managing the organisation and ensuring that we deliver on our objectives.

In this section you’ll be able to find out more information on the people who govern the work of the Care Council.